The Zee Brothers - VOL 1 & 2 audio box set


This box set of vol. 1 & 2 is a fun listen. It follows two brothers who are zombie exterminators. This is a tongue in cheek take on the zombie genre. Definitely not to be taken seriously, but there is lots of action and zombie scenes with some interesting characters to meet along the way.  Plus lots of humour and a strange dog called Xanadu and his buxom owner J.J. whom the brothers save from a zombie outbreak.

Each short book of this series reads like an episode, with the story carrying on a few days later from the last book. For me, book 2 was better than book 1, and longer too. I wasn't so keen on the J.J. situation during the school scenes in book 2. 

The narrator did a good job with the character voices and I didn't detect any problems with the production.
I was given a copy of this audio box set for an honest review. 

4 stars

Listen to an audio sample of the box set HERE