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Comics and Graphic novels are also acceptable for this challenge

The Death of Grass - John Christopher - Natural/Classic
Swan Song - Robert McCammon - Post Apocalyptic
End of the World running club - Out of this world
The days that remain - Wayne Wightman - Natural Disaster
Invasion of the body snatchers - Jack Finney - Out of this world
Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham - Out of this world/Creature
The last dog on Earth - Adrian J Walker - Apocalyptic
I am Legend - Richard Matheson - Post Apocalyptic/Creature
The Fireman - Joe Hill - Virus - Apocalyptic
Final Impact - Jack Hunt - apocalyptic/Out of this world
Chaco - Peggy A. Wheeler - Natural/Out of this world
XOM-B - Jeremy Robinson - Creature

100 Days in Deadland - Rachel Aukes - Creature
Fear the sky - Stephen Moss - Out of this world
After it happened - Devon Ford - Natural
Broken World - Kate L. Mary - Virus/Creature
Until the end of the world - Sarah Lyons Fleming - Creature
Last stand - William Weber - Apocalyptic
Under a tell-tale sky - R.E. McDermott - Natural
Gray - Lou Cadle - Natural

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The Black Cloud - Fred Hoyle - Classic/Out of this world
The War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells - Classic/Out of this world
Selection Event - Wayne Wightman - Post-apocalyptic
The road - Cormac McCarthy - Post Apocalyptic
The things that keep us here - Carla Buckley - Natural
World war Z - Max Brooks - Creature
The Stand - Stephen King - apocalyptic
Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel - Post-apocalyptic
The Scarlet Plague - Jack London - Classic
Pompeii (Fiction) - Robert Harris - Natural
IQ84 - Mike Dickenson - Virus 
Earth Abides - George R Stewart - Classic